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Square lamiated bamboo bowl, set of 3 pcs

Code: ND82138/3
Square lamiated bamboo bowl, set of 3 pcs
33x33xH8/10 cm
28x28xH6/8 cm
23x23xH4/6 cm

Crafted from natural bamboo, these bowls feature a unique square shape that adds a touch of modern elegance to any table setting. The lamination process enhances their durability, making them resistant to cracks and warping. This set includes three bowls of varying sizes, perfect for serving salads, snacks, or even as decorative pieces. Bamboo's natural antibacterial properties make these bowls hygienic and easy to clean. Not only do they provide a stylish way to serve your favorite dishes, but they also contribute to a greener lifestyle by promoting the use of renewable materials.